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Item: DafBoy1121

These are Daffah Thobes for Boys.  They are long sleeve with mandarin or round collar.  Made with a high quality fabric.  The thobe has detailing on the pocket and alongside the buttons in the front.  These thobes can be made in from 28 to 54 inches.  

Price: Regular $17.00 USD

Special Price Until 5/23/2007

Now starting at: $13.00



 High Quality Daffah Thobes

We have two styles available Saudi Style (Mandarin Collar) and Omani Style (No Collar)

Sizes 28-36 inches: $13.00 Sizes 40-48 Inches: $16.00 Sizes: 50 to 54 Inches: $21.00 (These are young men's Daffah Those)

The Messenger of Allah said (translated) "Islam came as something strange and Islam will again seem strange, Tuba (a tree in Paradise) for those who are strange." Sahih Muslim 8/489

AlHadeeqah..for those upon Al Haqq

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