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Item: DEM1121

This is the Stylish Denim 2 piece outfit. It’s made from a light-weight denim material. Our top is sewn with two denim colors creating a two toned style. It also has a round collar and buttons sewn on the bottom of each side. Our skirt is long and has front and side pockets and is very roomy . Wear this 2 piece on any occasion all year around.  Taking fashionable Islamic clothing to a new level.  This outfit is perfect for our school age sisters who attend school but still want full coverage.

Price: Regular $66.75 USD

Special Price Until

Now: $56.75

Size: Small to 3X


The Messenger of Allah said (translated) "Islam came as something strange and Islam will again seem strange, Tuba (a tree in Paradise) for those who are strange." Sahih Muslim 1/146

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